Adults 18+

St Croix Therapy offers physical, occupational and speech-language therapy for all ages. Human development is a lifelong process. Enormous changes take place between infancy and adolescences but even in adulthood our physical, social and emotional circumstances change. Injuries and/or aging can affect our vision, hearing, stamina, balance and immune function. Adults want to be able to function at their best without pain. Talk to your doctor about your health concerns then call St Croix Therapy to learn more about how our therapy service can benefit to you.



A physical therapist uses many techniques to help patients recover physical strength, range of motion, mobility and manage pain. When a patients suffers from an injury, illness physical therapy can help get them back on their feet. St Croix Therapy has a large clientele of patients who have chronic pain, genetic abnormalities or are medically fragile. Our warm-water therapy pool and spa has proven benefits for most conditions.

Craniosacral/Myofacial Release
Stroke/Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Home program exercises
Therapy in the aquatic environment

Our goal is to help clients develop strength and skills to move freely in a safe and pain free manner.

Occupational therapists help clients become more independent through meaningful and functional activities that establish, adapt or restore skills in a person’s daily life.

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps people develop, improve or regain the ability to live as independently as possible. This includes just about everything an individual does from the moment they wake up to the time they go to bed. As you can imagine, this encompasses a wide range of activities. It is perhaps this reason why Occupational Therapy is often difficult to explain.

When treating adults occupational therapists set goals that enable the adult to manage self-care and home management activities as independently as possible.

Adults can participate in family and community activities with adaptations to the environment. Occupational therapy can help you feel self-confident as you participate in the activities you enjoy.


An adult may start to have difficulty with speech-language skills after a stroke, a brain injury, or other adult onset health condition. Other clients seeking speech-language therapy have had trouble with communication skills or swallowing throughout their life.

Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate and treat conditions like:

  • Aphasia- Impairment of receptive or expressive language
  • Dysarthria- Acquired speech deficit impacting articulation and speech intelligibility. Often can be described as “slurring” of speech. .
  • Memory / Cognitive Disorders- Acquired memory or cognitive disorders that involve the targeting of difficulty with attention, processing, retaining and organizing of information.
  • Swallowing Disorders / Dysphagia- Swallowing disorders can lead to medical complications and should be taken very seriously. Speech language pathologists work to rehabilitate the swallow so that the swallow is safe and diet modifications are in place for safety of swallowing.
  • Voice Disorders- Voice disorders affect the quality, tone, loudness, pitch, and volume of the voice.  Complaints include hoarseness, harsh quality, strangled quality, decreased breath support, or laryngitis.