Our Mission, Vision and Purpose


St Croix Therapy’s mission, through its professional therapists, is to help children and adults develop and expand their abilities to receive, process, and express information. Through the implementation of innovative therapeutic techniques, our clients develop spatial awareness, functional muscle movement, sensory processing and communication. By reaching higher potential and creating new possibilities, we aim to help clients become masters of their whole body Incorporated with our therapeutic experiences are social and emotional interactions resulting in significant outcomes on the quality of life for children and adults.


St Croix Therapy’s vision is to be a recognized and respected leader throughout the St. Croix River Valley in providing therapeutic services. We view ourselves as a pioneer in leading-edge therapeutic techniques using multi-disciplinary treatments that result in improved health and independence. This approach generates hope and well-being within the individual and the family. The effects continue throughout the community to develop acceptance and understanding of citizens of all abilities.


St Croix Therapy, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to impacting the lives of individuals and families.

St Croix Therapy purposes to:

  •  plan for and administer traditional and non-traditional, integrated therapies for children and adults;
  • provide individualized therapeutic treatments for clients via speech/language, physical, occupational, and aquatic therapy techniques
  • pilot leading-edge techniques and conduct educational programs which emphasize mentorship and professional collaboration;
  • partner with community organizations to enhance experiences and promote living in the St. Croix Valley Region.