St Croix Therapy Partners with Red Thread Charities

St Croix Therapy is reaching beyond our borders to educate and equip the caregivers working in China’s Social Welfare Institutions (orphanages) in therapeutic techniques that they can implement into their daily routine and make a dramatic difference in children’s’ development and quality of life.

Kiki Dickinson and Rachel VanHeel have traveled with Red Thread Charities in the past. Now St Croix Therapy is committed to sending three therapists to China to be part of Red Thread Charities’ medical team. Jenn Bade, SLP; Colleen Boissonneault, COTA; and Rachel Vanheel, DPT, will leave for China on October 16, 2014 for a ten day trip in which they will visit two orphanages, complete a health and developmental screening on each child and train the caregivers in simple techniques they can use to help the children reach a higher potential.

St Croix Therapy’s board members are supportive of this partnership because the caregivers will implement what we teach them resulting in significant outcomes. This program is directly supported by St Croix Therapy’s mission and vision statements.

The Chinese believe that there is an invisible red thread connecting people to those they are destined to meet. At Red Thread Charities, the red thread led us to our mission to connect lives and create futures for the children in Chinese orphanages and foster homes. www.redthreadcharities.org

Rachel with RTC tree and staff