Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Appointment Attendance

Effective 01/03/2022


This policy of St Croix Therapy is designed to improve our ability to help all our clients by providing consistent treatment for you or your child. Consistent attendance is a key component to effective therapy. Regular attendance helps to establish a positive treatment routine and outcome.


We urge clients to be proactive in attending their scheduled appointment(s) and to notify St Croix Therapy 24 hours prior to the session(s) to avoid a cancellation fee, should you not be able to attend. Please notify St Croix Therapy by text or calling our main line, e-mailing:, or stopping by the front desk. Charges will be waived for an absence due to: illness, a medical condition, or a medical emergency as long as the clinic was notified prior to the start of the appointment. A medical emergency is defined as a hospitalization, an episode related to diagnosis, or an emergency requiring an unplanned doctor visit. Sessions that are canceled by St Croix Therapy will not be charged a fee or counted towards an attendance rate. We will always be understanding where possible, so we urge families to call and let us know about exceptional circumstances.

Cancellation Fee Schedule

*Please note a fee cannot be charged to insurance and is the responsibility of the client.
o Evaluation Appointment(s): These appointments are longer in duration and this is reflected in the fee.  Cancel within 24 hours of the appointment: $100 fee  No Show: A client/family not notifying the clinic of their absence, prior to the appointment: $120 fee
o Routine Appointments: a client’s regularly scheduled appointments for ongoing therapy following an evaluation.  Cancel within 24 hours of the appointment: $50 fee  No Show: A client/family not notifying the clinic of their absence, prior to their appointment: $60 fee

Suspension of Services

If the client has had 3 “no show” appointments in a month, therapy will be suspended, and the client will be removed from the schedule. If therapy sessions are consistently being missed and the schedule does not appear to be working for the client, the client will be contacted to discuss alternative scheduling options.


Please notify St Croix Therapy if the client is going to be late. The clinic will determine how to move forward with the scheduled appointment.

Rescheduling (Initial Evaluation Appointments are exempt from this section)

Due to our scheduling process, we are unable to take reschedule requests, unless the need to reschedule is due to clinic/facility operations (i.e. a therapist is out); we will do our best to work with you to find an opening that works.
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