Physical Therapy

Using innovative treatment techniques, we help children and adults improve functional muscle movement by engaging the body’s muscular skeletal system. Treatments reduce pain, increases the ability to move and restores muscle function resulting in improved health and independence. Click title to see video.

Occupational Therapy

Helping people across the lifespan, therapists guide clients in performing and participating in daily activities. Treatment techniques such as, purposeful play, using adaptive equipment, and assisting clients in processing their sensory environment result in an improve quality of life.

Speech-Language Therapy

Serving individuals of all ages, speech-language pathologist treat people with communication, feeding or swallowing difficulties. High-quality evidence based treatments address areas such as, speech articulation and fluency, expressive and perceptive language and feeding and swallowing issues.

St Croix Therapy Staff

Creating new possibilities for each client is our common goal. Therapists of physical, occupational and speech-language departments and the administrative team are dedicated to generating hope and well-being within the individual and the family.

Aquatic Program

Understanding the properties of water, speech-language, occupational and physical therapists use our warm water pools as a treatment environment to improve flexibility, circulation and stamina. Swim lessons promote functional swimming and enjoyment of the water for all ages and abilities.

Intensive Treatments

Working to achieve specific goals, is often best done by an individual participating in an intensive program lasting two to three weeks. Developing abilities through functional repetition completed at a level of intensity will result in dynamic improvements.

Children Age 0 to 18

Providing multi-disciplinary treatments, therapist strive to enhance the physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth of children from birth to adulthood. Evaluations screen for developmental delays and care plans direct the treatment which will expand the child’s abilities.

Adults 18+

Realizing the adults have needs ranging from pain management to rehabilitation or from continued treatment to maximize abilities to maintaining an active lifestyle our professional therapist will help you meet your goals.

Sensory Integration

Enabling a child to perform regular activities in a functional way, our therapist assess the sensory processing difficulties of an individual and establish a customized sensory diet that will help develop calming and focusing skills in order to adapt to a variety of social and environmental situations.

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