Summer Programs

Summer Literacy Camp

10 weeks, 1.5 hour sessions, total cost: $280


Time: Wednesdays between 9:00am-12:30pm


Register online or print out forms and mail or bring to the clinic

Come join us at St Croix Therapy this summer for a camp packed with fun, engaging activities designed to improve and maintain spelling and reading skills. For children ages 5-12. 


Each week, we will address the skills needed to spell and read effectively – including letter and sound identification, sound blending, sound segmenting, and sequencing sounds correctly. Whether we’re outside with water balloons and chalk, or inside with craft supplies, your child will learn from a speech-language pathologist, trained support staff, and their peers.


Groups will be established based on age and skill-level, and each week’s activities will be tailored to your child’s needs and skills. Registrants will be notified of which 1.5 hour session they’re in following June 1st. Your child will love working on spelling and reading skills with their peers in a fun, active way this summer!


Please email Amberly Wegener with questions: