Community Organizations

 logo-halos www.halosofthestcroixvalley.comA non-profit organization whose mission is to provide ongoing support and encouragement to families grieving the loss of a child.
Special olympics logo

St Croix Therapy runs a Young Athletes Program at their site.

logo-planables www.plantables.netWelcome to Plantables LLC! We are a unique business where workers of all abilities share their skills to create whimsical seed embedded paper products for your garden and the environment.
logo-valley www.valleyfriendshipclub.orgWe are about expanding horizons through activities and events that appeal to children, teens, and young adults through art, music, community service, and much more.
logo-bridge www.bridgeywd.orgTheir vision is that youth and adults with disabilities will be seen as community assets to be nurtured and developed so that they can become welcome, productive and engaged citizens in the community.