Q. How do I get an appointment with a therapist at St. Croix Therapy?
A. Click on “New Client” from the home page.

Q. Can I get an evaluation without committing to treatment?
A. Yes. A physician can write a prescription for just an evaluation or evaluation, with treatment, if warranted.

Q. Do you provide transportation to and from therapy and my place of  residence?
A. As of now, we do not have the resources to provide transportation from client’s place of residence to services at St. Croix therapy.

Q. What is your percentage of adult to child treatment?
A. St. Croix Therapy began servicing the adult population in 2010. Many of the “children” that we serviced since 1986 are now adults. As our population becomes older, so does the need for the services offered by therapists at St. Croix Therapy.