Weather Policy

Inclement Weather

St Croix Therapy's Weather Policy

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the following guidelines will be implemented: Hudson School District closes due to inclement weather, St Croix Therapy will also be closed until 10:00 AM. A reassessment will be conducted by 9:00 AM to determine whether St Croix Therapy will open. Further closure hours may be decided based on the prevailing weather conditions. If Hudson School District announces an early closure, St Croix Therapy will assess the situation to determine the hours of operation. Operational hours will be decided with the primary focus on the safety and well-being of our team members and clients. 

Updated: 3.22.24


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Staff Spotlight: Aly

Aly joined the team here at SCT in 2018. She loves giving back to the community that she grew up in. Aly shared that “it is fun to hear the names of familiar teachers. Kids are always shocked when I say I had the same teacher they do.”

She is a very proud doggy mommy to Henry and Frankie. Henry is a rescue pup from Coco’s Heart.

In her free time, Aly enjoys crafting and listening to Dolly Parton and spending time with family.

This past weekend, Aly finally became Mrs. Engle after having to postpone her wedding for a year due to COVID.

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Staff Spotlight: Amberly

Meet one of our amazing Speech Language Pathologists Amberly!

Amberly joined the SCT team in May 2020. Fun fact about Amberly – She read 74 new books in 2020, WOW!!!

Amberly’s favorite quote: “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” (from the Harry Potter series)

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Client Spotlight: Cole

“In the three years Cole has been coming to SCT, he’s made so many gains, not to mention tons of friends! It’s a great family place and we’re so happy that Cole is able to attend Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy at SCT.” -Megan, Cole’s mom.

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Client Spotlight: Fred

Fred is a husband, father, electrical engineer, swimmer, hunter, and now stroke survivor. Fred suffered damage to forty percent of the left side of his brain on Valentine’s day 2019. His situation was bleak–doctors told Fred’s family that his chance of survival was minimal. But Fred defied odds and stabilized enough to begin inpatient rehab. Confined to a wheelchair and requiring assist from others for everything, Fred struggled to regain his former independence.

True to his hard-working personality, Fred began speech, occupational, and physical therapy at a skilled nursing facility in March of 2019. After one year, Fred was discharged home in his wheelchair. Shortly after, Fred decided to continue therapy here, at St Croix Therapy, in July of 2020. St Croix Therapy and its outstanding team of therapist focused on Fred’s high risk for falls, limited speech, and basic daily living skills.

Together with Fred’s strong work ethic, his supportive wife, Molly, and devoted therapists, he made significant progress in the past 9 months. Fred now walks on the treadmill for 20 minutes at an incline! He is so much stronger, and his speech has improved. His determined attitude continues to inspire everyone at St Croix Therapy!

“Fred has enjoyed everything about his time at St Croix Therapy. Working with the staff in the pool and throughout the intensive program was remarkable, because of it, he is stronger, has better balance, and his speech has improved. Most days he doesn’t want to leave SCT!”- Molly (Fred’s wife)

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Client Spotlight: Weyland

Weyland was born in February of 2016. Weyland has HIE, Spastic Quad Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy among other diagnoses. He loves NASCAR, school and music, as well as making new friends no matter their age. His smile will melt the heart of anyone he meets and his charm will suck you in so you remember him forever. Weyland started going to St Croix Therapy for the swim group before he turned one. Weyland was involved in the Birth-3 program where PT Margaret saw him in his home. Once he turned 3 the family switched all of his therapies to St Croix Therapy.

Weyland’s mom, Heather, wanted to share the following:

I can’t thank the wonderful group of people that work at St Croix Therapy enough. They all have taken their time to get to know Weyland through his intensives that he has done and the normal therapies he gets as well. They are willing to listen to concerns I have or even try new things with him that they haven’t done before. I have seen him gain so much from being a client at SCT and it just makes my heart so happy that I can share it with an amazing extended family like you all.

Heather we thank you for sharing Weyland with all of us!

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