Client Spotlight: Fred

Fred is a husband, father, electrical engineer, swimmer, hunter, and now stroke survivor. Fred suffered damage to forty percent of the left side of his brain on Valentine’s day 2019. His situation was bleak–doctors told Fred’s family that his chance of survival was minimal. But Fred defied odds and stabilized enough to begin inpatient rehab. Confined to a wheelchair and requiring assist from others for everything, Fred struggled to regain his former independence.

True to his hard-working personality, Fred began speech, occupational, and physical therapy at a skilled nursing facility in March of 2019. After one year, Fred was discharged home in his wheelchair. Shortly after, Fred decided to continue therapy here, at St Croix Therapy, in July of 2020. St Croix Therapy and its outstanding team of therapist focused on Fred’s high risk for falls, limited speech, and basic daily living skills.

Together with Fred’s strong work ethic, his supportive wife, Molly, and devoted therapists, he made significant progress in the past 9 months. Fred now walks on the treadmill for 20 minutes at an incline! He is so much stronger, and his speech has improved. His determined attitude continues to inspire everyone at St Croix Therapy!

“Fred has enjoyed everything about his time at St Croix Therapy. Working with the staff in the pool and throughout the intensive program was remarkable, because of it, he is stronger, has better balance, and his speech has improved. Most days he doesn’t want to leave SCT!”- Molly (Fred’s wife)