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After 2 spinal fusions and dealing with Muscular Dystrophy I have been receiving therapy at St. Croix Therapy and have changed my life in many ways making life more bearable and even enjoyable. I receive therapy weekly and use the heated pool to allow my muscles to relax as I recover. My family and some friends go regularly as well. I used to dread therapy until I started going here. Now, I find it a treat to be free and continue to challenge new opportunities to live again. Thank you to the many that have helped me get where I am and bring me to where I am going!

Tom B.

One of my favorite things about St. Croix Therapy is how innovative the therapists are and how thinking “outside the box” is actually encouraged. With my illness, I am in need of extensive amounts of sensory input. Other therapy centers were very structured and had a difficult time coming up with ways to incorporate therapeutic treatments that were specific to my needs. The therapists at St Croix Therapy were able to do that for me in a way that made me feel involved in my own therapy plan. They also offer specialized therapies such as Interactive Metronome, AIT and Cranial Sacral, which I find to be off the charts wonderful with amazing results. I am convinced that without St. Croix Therapy and their staff, I would not be as far along in my recovery as I am today.

~Sara S.

I was VERY reserved about having my 5-year-old daughter with high functioning autism do AIT.  I wasn’t sure if she would respond to the therapy or even if she would like it.  I kept putting it off, but the more I spoke with other parents, I realized that this was a great program.  Yes, she had some disorganization but it only lasted a few days.  She did get dizzy.  She also got sick for a few days.  She woke up at night a couple of times too but, the pros by far out-weighed the cons.

Before she started AIT, she had severe anxiety and now it is GONE.  It has been gone since the third day of treatment.  My daughter never could run very well before and now she runs.  She never wanted to even try and dress herself before and now she does this with minimal assistance from me.  She was very scared of heights, (slides, stairs), loud noises, and bathrooms.  Now this has improved, too.  My daughter has more energy now and she is not as tense.  She seems a lot happier.  She is even able to make friends her own age.  When she gets upset, she becomes calmer, faster than before.  She writes her name better.  She loves to spin, swing, jump, run, and just being a kid.

AIT has helped my daughter fit in and become very close to being normal.  She will only keep improving.  I am very grateful for AIT and impressed with how well it worked for her.  I am in the process of having my oldest daughter, who has ADD go through it as well.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this much earlier.

-Author Unknown

This is just a quick note to share our thoughts about St. Croix Therapy and the staff that is working with our son. From our first phone call to the initial consultation we felt very pleased with the knowledge level of the employees at St. Croix Therapy and the information given to us. When my husband and I came to have our son evaluated, we were impressed with DeDe and how she evaluated our son. DeDe took the time to ask good questions and she gave us wonderful feedback using terms we could easily understand.

We have scheduled appointments for our son to attend St. Croix Therapy three times a week – at times that are convenient for us – which is a big plus for full time working parents. Our son has been attending St. Croix Therapy for about 6 months now and is so excited to go to each appointment. In fact, our son loves coming to therapy and enjoys working with each therapist. We have faith in the work that each therapist is doing and appreciate the great communication level we have with Dede, Bethany and Rachel. Thank you for doing what you do!

From the first time we stepped into St Croix Therapy, we felt comfortable and confident that we brought our son to the right place.

Brian and Constance Gullickson

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